OPCS incorporated in 1989 as Authorized Service Representatives for ABB selling and servicing instrumentation throughout Ontario. From this product base, OPCS has grown and expanded. Today OPCS is a major provider of industrial instrumentation services. Our clients rely on us to ensure accuracy of measurement and control for their manufacturing processes.

OPCS's technical staff are all graduates of community colleges with diplomas in Industrial Instrumentation.

Major manufacturers of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industrial products have come to rely on the experience and expertise that OPCS provides.

General Operations and Head Office
Ontario Process Control Services Ltd.
3518 Pepperhill Drive
Camlachie, Ontario
N0N 1E0

Calibration and Testing Facility
Ontario Process Control Services Ltd.
19 Jewel House Lane
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 0T3

Tel 416.298.8784
Fax 416.298.9231
Email info@opcscanada.com