OPCS specializes in providing Instrumentation Services to optimize process control including calibrations to traceable standards.

With the advent of the ISO 9000 Quality Program for general industry and the HACCP program for the Food Industry, there has been a continually increasing demand for measurability and accuracy. Industry must now provide proof that measurement and control instrumentation is continuously accurate as a result of comprehensive calibration programs.


OPCS calibrates and repairs industrial instrumentation which control and record physical characteristics such as temperature, flow, level, pressure, pH, conductivity and resistivity.

OPCS helps you maintain a high quality production operation. You benefit with reduced downtime through comprehensive preventative maintenance programs resulting in maximized production. Improved consistent product quality is the result of accuracy of measurement and optimized process control.

OPCS provides services to certify the accuracy and integrity of Pasteurizer Systems used in fluid milk, cheese, egg and juice plant operations. OPCS fully certifies pasteurizers per Agriculture Canada tests including salt conductivity and dye plate inspection. In addition, OPCS can supply, install, commission and start up the latest STLR and HTST Instrumentation.


OPCS supplies and installs the most efficient instrumentation systems, selecting the right products to maximize your ability to measure and control your manufacturing operation. Accuracy is only one part of OPCS's business. OPCS's ability to ensure a process will continue to run efficiently and effectively is another very import part of what we do. We have the ability to supply services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to troubleshoot and rectify problems associated with defective instrumentation of any make or model.

We have the in-house expertise to recommend state-of-the-art replacements for older inefficient instrumentation and provide the services necessary to supply, install and start up the instrumentation.

Process Controls

OPCS provides the expertise to verify the accuracy of process instrumentation as compared to test equipment, which is routinely traced to National Standards.


OPCS employs eight field service representatives to service the South Central Ontario Region. Each representative is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art calibration equipment to handle process variables of pressure, flow and temperature. In addition OPCS maintains calibration equipment to handle air flow, conductivity, current, rpm, resistivity, ph, relative humidity and time. In total, OPCS maintains forty-six pieces of traceable calibration equipment to serve our clientele better.

All calibration equipment is professionally maintained and is traceable to either N.I.S.T., the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States or to the N.R.C.C., the National Research Council of Canada. OPCS provides no-compromise professional service.